It's National Cancer Prevention Month - Learn more about lowering your risks today

National Cancer Prevention Month

Human Progress in Our Fight Against Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, extensive clinical research has led to improved cancer screenings, prevention, and treatment. Based on the Cancer Trends Progress Report, cancer research has resulted in a decline of deaths among both women and men, all major ethnic groups, and for many varying kinds of cancer like lung cancer and breast cancer.

Moreover, many people who have cancer, live longer, and have a better quality of life than in years past. Due to public health prevention, diagnosis improvements, and early screening, treatments for cancer have developed even further.

Despite all of these achievements, cancer still affects more than 1.7 million people who are diagnosed annually. It is the number two most common cause of death in America. It is essential to encourage people to get screened for cancer early and work on prevention by avoiding tobacco use, receiving recommended vaccinations, diet and alcohol intake, and being mindful of environmental exposures.

CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy Treatment

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy utilizing altered T-cells that are a part of the immune system which fight against cancer. A patient’s T-cells, which are a type of white blood cells, are collected via blood and modified to create CARs. T-cells have their receptors that can attach to foreign proteins and destroy cancer cells. T-cells receive a human- made receptor called a CAR to detect specific cancer cell antigens better. While different types of cancers have varying antigens, each CAR can be generated for a particular cancer’s antigen.

CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy has captured the attention of the public due to remarkable responses found in both children and adults. The Food and Drug Administration formally approved it for patients with various lymphoma forms, such as mantle cell lymphoma and B-cell lymphoma. As the biopharmaceutical industry has continued to expand, so has the number of clinical tests for CAR T-cells.

XS Supply and National Cancer Prevention Month

XS-Supply is committed to solving the problem of rising healthcare costs in the US. We are passionate about helping customers maximize their inventory investments as well as spreading awareness in hopes of preventing our loved ones from facing the devastating effects of having cancer. This February, we are working to educate and encourage people to reevaluate their lifestyle, gain early detection and prevent themselves from getting sick. 

About XS Supply

We at XS Supply are passionate about all things healthcare - including the fight against cancer and helping to protect those most vulnerable. During the past year, we have all banded together to help protect our at-risk populations from COVID-19. To help protect our friends & family, we provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies that you can trust to the population at large. Shop our selection of medical grade PPE today.