Hand sanitizers, sanitizing alcohol wipes & more PPE are on sale now.
Additional discounts are available for bulk buys.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on XS Supply and All Businesses

To say that 2020 has been a difficult year for healthcare and healthcare related businesses is an understatement to say the least. Our story at XS Supply is no exception.

The effect of the pandemic on Hospital operations brought us really close to turning the lights off on XS Supply. Like many businesses, we were forced to adapt and figure out how to provide a meaningful service that allowed us to stay in business and keep our workers employed.

Now, a year later, we are pivoting once more, which leads us to our huge liquidation of the remainder of our PPE supplies, at-cost.

XS Supply was founded to help solve the problems of rising healthcare costs in the US. Our solution is to facilitate collaboration among hospitals and surgery centers to maximize their inventory investments and eliminate waste, thus allowing them to provide more affordable and profitable care.

It did not take long before the COVID pandemic changed our business model when elective surgeries came to a halt and made personal protection equipment impossible to source.

Why XS Supply Started Selling PPE

As the coronavirus disease made its way to nearly every country & continent on the planet, global healthcare systems were overwhelmed with infectious patients seeking care. Seemingly overnight, nurses, doctors & healthcare workers faced the potential for infection each day and a dire need for PPE to help prevent the spread. Personal Protective Equipment -- gloves, face masks, air-purifying respirators, goggles, face shields, respirators and gowns were in critical shortage. Many businesses were asked to respond to the call and manufacture PPE.

With shortages of personal protective equipment, healthcare facilities were working tirelessly to secure what they could by any means they had. We started receiving inquiries from our current customers and people who just happened to find us online to see if we carry any of these hard-to-get items. XS Supply has never occupied the PPE space, but we quickly jumped into action to try and help source requested inventory by utilizing our large network of suppliers.

Our success of being able to locate needed PPE, kept us going throughout the year constantly changing focus based on what items were most sought out. It was an unfaltering effort to bring needed inventory in a timely manner at the best possible price that we could negotiate. XS Supply was running on minimal margin which was just enough to keep our business open, as PPE prices skyrocketed beyond anything anyone has ever seen.

As the pandemic surged on, we recognized ongoing shortages in sanitizer and cleaning wipes. The sanitizer and wipes that were available on the market were also of subpar quality. We released our own brand of high-quality hand sanitizers (ones that smell good & don’t leave your hands dry) and alcohol wipes that stay moist for extended use.

Refocusing on Surgical Supplies & Liquidating our PPE Supply

With the new year promising a more stable PPE environment, we are now working to regain momentum with our core business (surgical supply). This led us to a decision to liquidate our current stock of PPE. We are offering this inventory at cost, and for bulk buys we would be willing to offer even more additional discounts.Items available for liquidations include: Alcohol Wipes • Sanitizer • Surgical Caps • Shoe Covers • Face Masks • Face Shields • Goggles • Clorox Wipes • AQUAOX Disinfectant • Gowns • Thermometers • Pumps • Spray Bottles.We believe that this liquidation will help those facilities that are still experiencing challenges to get their needed PPE supplies, and by letting go of this inventory at-cost, they would be getting absolutely the best deal possible.We know the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have affected so many industries, businesses, and, most notably, families and friends. And for all of us at XS Supply, it has been quite a journey that we feel so grateful to be able to see through with good health.