"When items are backordered, they often have the items or will find sources to get us the product. XS Supply emails us to warn us when items will be going on backorder and offer what they have."

VA in Columbia, MO

"Vince and the team at XS Supply have been extremely helpful and responsive to the great need for various PPE items.  They ship quickly and are reliable.  Vince was able to get us supplies within 3-5 days that was showing shipping of 2-3 weeks with other vendors.  We appreciate the great customer service and effort to exceed expectations during this time."

Stacey Trunecek, Operations Specialist, Life Care Services - An LCS Company

"My lab manager is thrilled with these materials and it has streamlined our testing to ensure the continued management and safety of our community during these difficult times. We have ordered 3 times in under 4 weeks and are in the process of setting up a drop ship due to their outstanding service on this chaotic front. We are only as good as our tools at hand and XS Supply is ensuring we have everything we need. We thank you for your part."

Brandie Walsh, Health Administrative Specialist/Logistics EOC

"Huge shout out and many thanks to XS Supply for helping us secure some key essential PPE for our front line staff. Amazing customer service and incredible turnaround!"

Kathy Jankowski, Youth Opportunity Investment
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