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At XS Supply, our team provides Materials Management and Purchasing with efficient cost savings by selling surgical instruments and medical devices to hospitals and surgery centers, without having to change internal systems or processes. We sell the same high-demand surgical disposables, surgical instruments, and medical devices that are high-demand items in your facility supply chain. By helping facilities save on the supplies used in their facilities, we are able to reduce the cost of patient care and help make a difference in countless lives. With an ever-changing healthcare system, XS Supply strives to provide our clients with the latest in-demand products needed by stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain. We are constantly increasing the availability and reducing the cost of medical/surgical supplies for healthcare professionals.


XS Supply also helps supply chain professionals by purchasing surgery center and hospital overstock. Selling overstock items to XS Supply puts additional funds back into the facility budget; your organization can invest the savings into new projects or philanthropic efforts. We are delighted to be able to help free up space in budgets and on shelves for other items by purchasing overstock inventory.


Whether you are searching for medical supplies for sale or need to sell surplus medical supplies, turning to XS Supply is the best all-in-one option. Contact our team today with questions about our processes or to discover how XS Supply can create efficient cost savings for your supply chain.

Warranty and liability limitation. XS Supply makes no representations or warranties regarding its products and services except as expressly provided in a written contract with the customer. XS Supply is not liable to the customer for lost profits or revenues or consequential, speculative, punitive or exemplary damages. XS Supply’s liability is limited to the aggregate payments made by customer.