BUY Surgical Supplies FAQ

How much money will I save purchasing supplies through XS Supply?

You can expect to save between 10-60% on any given item.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No minimums! We make it easy to buy the products you need, whether that's a single item or
bulk order.

Are your products in-date with original OEM packaging?

Yes, all products are in-date and in sterile and uncompromised packaging.

Do you offer volume discounts or purchasing plans?

Yes, we work with each customer to create a custom purchasing plan that typically yields larger discounts.

SELL Surgical Supplies FAQ

How do I sell my excess inventory to XS Supply?

It's easy! Just follow the steps listed here and you'll be on your way to pay day.

Who pays for shipping?

XS Supply covers all shipping costs.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Typically, you'll receive payment about 30 days after we've received and audited your inventory. (NET30 terms)

What types of products can I sell to XS Supply?

We take major surgical brands such as Ethicon, Covidien, Bard, Stryker, Intuitive Surgical, and much more. If you have a specific product you'd like more information on selling, please reach out and we'll connect you with an Acquisition Specialist.

Do you require a certain volume of product for selling?

No, we don't have any minimums for selling! If it meets our qualifications for usable product, we'll take it.

Do you buy expired product?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can donate your expired product to our endorsed charities. If you're interested in donation, reach out and we'll connect you with an Acquisition Specialist.

Do I have to sign a contract with xs supply in order to sell?

No, we do not require contracts.